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Terms and Conditions

The applicant must confirm, he / she is aged above 18 years and a Citizen of India.

The applicant must declare he / she has associated with the company as a business co-ordinator at his /her own will without force / pressure from any one whomsoever

The applicant must declare that he / she has not invested any sum in cash to the credit of the company.

The applicant must agree to abide by the rules and regulations and the business module formed by the company

The applicant must agree that the Income Tax Act at the applicable rates may be deducted at source from his /her earnings from the earnings from the company

The applicant must agree to follow the guidelines of the company.

No applicant should compel or induce or mislead any person with any false promise / statement to purchase any product.

For every purchase of a product by a business co-ordinator and through him 3rd party purchase a percentage of profit amounts in the sale transaction will be credited to his account and the said amount will be credited to BC's bank account once in the month

Apart from the business co-ordinatorship of the company's business module, the applicant does not have any other relationship with the company. Consequently, the applicant does not have any claim, whatsoever other than the eligible incentives as declared by the company from time to time in their business module for which he /she is entitled by way of business generated by him /her.

The company reserves the right to change or modify the terms and conditions of co-ordinatorship and business program including without limitation the rate of awarding points, the rate of redeeming points, validity of points and qualifying purchases from time to time, as they deem fit.

On death of registered Business Co-ordinator, the benefit of earning if any shall be transferred in the name of nominee as mentioned in the application form.

The company has the right to terminate the co-ordinatorship, If found that the co-ordinator has given the wrong information, misrepresents the business module and breach of terms and conditions of the business.

The applicant must agree that he /she will not demand any monetary proceed / payment from the company before the maturity period. If he /she demands so, it shall constitute a violation / breach of contract / agreement by the virtue of which all rights of the applicant pertaining to the amount if any receivable by him /her from company shall be forfeited and he /she will have no claim whatsoever against the company.

The applicant must fully understand that he /she will be eligible for incentives only as per the volume of business done by him /her that is also subject to the eligibility norms formulated by the company. The company does not assure any incentive to him /her on mere account of his /her association with the company.

Trimming applicable when requires.